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Performance Evaluation

IMPETUS has a methodology for assessing student learning and performance that is based on current research and best practices. Assessment practices are aligned with the institution's mission, curricula, and instructional programs for those of the appropriate career/technical field.

The institution systematically collects and analyzes quantifiable and observable evidence of student performance using multiple, valid, and reliable assessments that are respected by the institution's stakeholders. The institution has and implements written policies for using the results of assessment of student learning and performance to evaluate and improve effectiveness of its curricula, instructional practices, professional development, and support services.

The results of assessing student learning and performance are reported regularly, accurately, clearly to the institution's community of stakeholders.

The institution expects all students to learn and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and competencies required by their component of the educational program. At all times the management keep a track of students’ learning and performance at the levels expected. Impetus has a plan to raise the learning and performance to the expected levels.


  • Office Manager Package

    This course gives hands on knowledge of the office management cycle including book keeping, accounting...

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  • Business Accounting / Book Keeping

    This course gives hands on knowledge of the accounting cycle including recording and analyzing accounting...

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  • Business Office Admin Specialist

    This Program prepares the participants users for basic administrative jobs in all fields of Office Admin and Data entry ...

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  • Project Management Professional ( PMP)

    This course gives hands on knowledge of the project management cycle from analyzing business structure ...

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  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

    A medical assistant performs routine administrative and clinical duties in medical offices ...

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  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

    Medical administrative assistants are responsible for a wide range of secretarial tasks to ensure the office...

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  • Certified Medical Coder ( ICD-10)

    ICD – 10 is a medical classification list by the World Health Organization which codes for diseases, signs, symptoms...

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  • Electronic Medical Records Specialist

    An electronic health records specialist is responsible for protecting the privacy and security of patient information....

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  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician

    A phlebotomy technician is responsible for drawing blood from patients and preparing it for further testing. This course...

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  • EKG Technician

    An EKG technician is responsible for monitoring and recording electical impulses transmitted by the heart...

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  • Web Development

    • Web pages design
    • Web development
    • Portal integration...
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  • Cyber Security (IT Security Management)

    Understand and think like the attacker – the methods and tools they will use to attack the application being designed...

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